POINTS OF YOU workshop, Experiential Encounter – NEW YEAR edition (Saturday, 21st December – from 5 to 7 p.m.)

Let’s meet up in the last edition of Points of You in 2019!

Here’s a chance for you to sum up and look into the events which have marked this year for you.

Would you change anything if you could do it all over again? How would you change things? What have you learnt from all this?

Once again, we are going to take you on a magical journey on which you will:

  • speak English for 2 hours, without worrying about making mistakes
  • talk about things that really matter to you
  • listen to stories in English
  • meet new people and listen to their stories
  • have fun, while doing something important for you
  • get answers to issues you want to resolve
  • come up with an action plan to achieve what you want
  • take part in something creative and completely different

To get the most out of this workshop, you need to have B1 level of English and be able to speak English fluently. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, because our focus in this workshop is on COMMUNICATION!

Regular price for this workshop is 2400 dinars, but we still offer you a SERIOUSLY REDUCED PRICE and you can attend it for 1200 dinars.

The number of places is limited and you MUST REGISTER for the workshop – send a message at 064 1472 863. Registration is possible by Friday, 20th December 2019.

In addition to inspiring music, photographs and stories, there will be snacks, coffee, tea and of course – plenty of positive energy!

See you at The Lighthouse – kutak za engleski jezik, PC City Passage, Obilićev venac 18-20, lokal 6.4