Welcome to a series of workshops on the Art of Storytelling!
It is a combination of live and online events and they will be carried out in English and Serbian. Hop on and enjoy the ride!

What are we going to do in the workshops?
• At the beginning, we will use Points of You tool to get us started telling stories, as well as videos (TED Talks and other) to see examples of how good storytellers do it;
• We will look at the elements of a good story, then get down to work and practise developing, shaping and telling YOUR story;
• Moreover, you will get a handbook with some useful tips and materials (grammar and vocabulary) for telling stories in English.

At the end of the series of workshops, you will be invited (and encouraged) to tell your own stories in front of an audience. There will also be prizes for the best stories/storytellers at the end.

The timetable for the workshops:
1. Sunday 16th May at 4 pm, live – Introductory workshop at 2 Preradovićeva Street, Beograd (Primary School “Oslobodioci Beograda“)
2. Monday, 17th May at 7 pm, Zoom workshop
3. Saturday, 22nd May at 11 am, Zoom workshop
4. Monday 24th May at 7 pm, Zoom workshop
5. Saturday 29th May at 4 pm, live – Storytelling Day, Opština Palilula, 12 Takovska Street, Beograd

The duration of each individual workshop is 90 to 120 minutes.

Between the workshops, you can also get help in shaping and polishing your stories through Zoom consultations, so that you feel more confident when you tell them in front of an audience on 29th May. Or any other audience, ever. :-)

Your guides and facilitators on this Storytelling journey are:

Zorica Pavičić, English teacher, translator, storyteller, Points of You practitioner

Gorana Jovanović, coach at Leading Change Network, facilitator at Serbia on the Move, Points of You practitioner

This project, a series of free events, has been made possible by Opština Palilula, Belgrade.

Please send your applications and questions to:

Keep in mind that due to the current situation, the number of places for the live workshops is very limited, so hurry up if you want to get your place in this magical event!