8 Mistakes Made by Serbian Learners of English:

Can you spot and correct the mistakes in the following sentences?


1. I think intelligenCE is very important.

2. When you go to a dinner party, you must take a present with you.

3. If you want to succEED, you must work hard. (3)

4. We went there BY bus.

5. I have been TO Italy

6. I HAVE KNOWN him for 10 years

7. I need some informations about the event.

8. I was ON the bus when you called.

7 frequently used PHRASAL VERBS for everyday conversations:

  • We had to PUT OFF the meeting until next week, as too many people had called in sick.

  • He couldn’t PUT UP WITH the noise from his neighbours anymore, so he decided to move.

  • I’ll let you know when I GET ON the bus.

  • We need to GET OFF the bus at the next stop.

  • We PUT ON our clothes in the morning and TAKE them OFF in the evening.

  • Could you LOOK AFTER my plants while I’m on holiday?

  • He speaks just enough English to GET BY when he is travelling.